Multiflex Chain applications in paper mills

Multiflex Chain applications in paper mills


In paper mills, the use of multiflex chains has become increasingly common due to their versatility and reliability. Multiflex chains are specially designed to handle the demanding conditions and heavy loads that are inherent in the paper manufacturing process. In this article, we will explore the various applications of multiflex chains in paper mills and discuss their benefits.

1. Pulp Preparation

In the pulp preparation stage, multiflex chains play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment. With their high strength and wear resistance, these chains are able to withstand the abrasive nature of the pulp and the intense agitation during the mixing process.

1.1 Pulp Conveying

During pulp conveying, multiflex chains are used to transport the pulp from one machine to another. The chains are equipped with attachments that securely hold the pulp and prevent spillage. This ensures a continuous and efficient flow of pulp throughout the production line.

1.2 Pulp Washing

Pulp washing is an essential step in the papermaking process, as it removes impurities and chemicals from the pulp. Multiflex chains are utilized in the pulp washers to agitate the pulp and facilitate the washing process. The chains’ robust construction enables them to withstand the harsh chemicals and high temperatures involved in this stage.

2. Paper Forming

Once the pulp is prepared, it is transformed into paper through the paper forming process. Multiflex chains are employed in this stage to ensure the accurate and precise formation of the paper sheet.

2.1 Wire Section

In the wire section, multiflex chains are used to guide the paper sheet as it is formed and to facilitate drainage. The chains’ flexibility and smooth operation prevent any damage to the delicate paper sheet and ensure uniformity in its thickness.

2.2 Press Section

The press section is responsible for removing excess water from the paper sheet. Multiflex chains are utilized in the press section to transport the paper sheet through the press rolls. The chains’ high load-bearing capacity and low friction properties enable them to withstand the pressure exerted by the press rolls and ensure efficient water removal.

3. Paper Drying

After the paper sheet is formed, it undergoes a drying process to remove the remaining moisture. Multiflex chains are an integral part of the paper drying equipment due to their exceptional heat resistance and durability.

3.1 Dryers

In the dryers, multiflex chains are used to transport the paper sheet through the drying cylinders. The chains’ heat-resistant properties enable them to withstand the high temperatures inside the dryers and ensure uniform drying of the paper sheet.

3.2 Calenders

Calenders are used to further enhance the smoothness and glossiness of the paper sheet. Multiflex chains are employed in the calenders to transport the paper sheet and apply pressure during the smoothening process. The chains’ precise positioning and low friction properties enable them to deliver consistent results.


In conclusion, multiflex chains have proven to be indispensable in paper mills, contributing to the efficiency and quality of the paper manufacturing process. Whether it is in pulp preparation, paper forming, or paper drying, these chains excel in their respective applications. With their exceptional strength, wear resistance, and heat resistance, multiflex chains offer paper mills a reliable and durable solution. Incorporating multiflex chains into paper mill operations can lead to improved productivity and cost savings.

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