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Electronic Manufacturing Services
Xihu (West Lake) Electronics is specializes in providing customers PCB Assembly Services with utmost speed, flexibility and quality. We are establish in 2003, Located in HangZhou, China. 17 years of PCB assembly experience bring us a great wealth of production experience to ensure us catch the production requirements of various electronic products.

If you are looking for prototype or production of PCB assembly serice, welcome to contact with us to learn more !

Our Services

SMT Assembly Though-hole (DIP), FPC, Rigid-Flex
Full CZPT line for single or double sided assemblies. Wave solder, hand solder , selective solder. We can assemble both FPC and Rigid-Flex board.
Component placement down to 5711 package.    
BGA placement down to 0.5mm.    
Prototype & Production Full Turnkey Manufacturing Consigned
From DVT Prototype to volume production, we provide PCBA complete solution including making PCB, Provide us the some or all the materials and we will
our manufacturing suggestion help you to proceeding purchasing components,assembly, opening mold. take care of the assembly processes.
the production smoothly and acheive “Time to Market.”    
DFM,DFA Service Functional Testing Reliability testing equipment
Provide comments on design related issues to ensure a Make testing jig/mold, testing PCBA with the provided Vibration test machine, Hi-Low temperature chamber
smooth transition from design to mass production. test documention and equipment from Customers. machine, drop test machine.

Service parameters

We Offer PCBA complete solution starting from making PCB, purchasing all the component, PCB assembly, testing untill final packaging, and also includes opening mold.

Assembly Capability

PCB Max Size: 400*310mm
PCB Min Size: 10*10mm
PCB Thickness: 0.4~6mm
PCB / FPC Offer 2~16 layers on PCB, 1~6 layers on FPC
Components Size: 5711~150mm
Min Lead Pitch: 0.3mm
Min BGA Ball Pitch: 0.4mm
Placement Precision: +/-0.03mm
Lines: 4 x CZPT Productoin Lines
  2 x DIP Production Lines
  4 x Assembly lines
Leading time: 3 days after received all materials

SMT, Wave solder & Mixed Assembly Capbilities
Single & 2-side PCB Assembly Capilities
Rework ( Problem analyis , Hot Air & BGA Replacment) Capabilties
Class II & Class III Inspection process
AOI, Visual & X-ray Inspection process
Turnkey or Consigned or Combine Assembly services
PCBA Testing process
Functional testing / Voltage measument / Components check
Flexible adaptability to meet customer’s vary requirement on production & shipment.

Components Sourcing
Experienced purchasing team and strong local sourcing ability.
* Ability to source special component or accessories.
* Ability to identify the authenticity of component.
* Reasonable price.
* Shorter purchasing lead time for common used components.

Our Supply chain includes:


Q1: What files and documents need to provide for quotation ?
PCB: Gerber files RS274X format and PCB specification.
PCBA: Gerber files and BOM are the basic files need for make a quotation, and if possible pls also provide assembly drawing or photo of PCBA.

Q2: Is there any MOQ?
No, there no qty limited on our side. All up to you.

Q3: What is the expected quotation time for an RFQ?
For PCB, normally within 3 days.
For PCBA, normally 5~7 days, it depend on your design & components be required.

Q4: How about the privacy policy?
Normally we will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with customers and we promise we will never share customer’s documents with any third parties.


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China Hot selling Multi Layer PCB Making DIY Printed Circuit Board Assembly     wholesaler China Hot selling Multi Layer PCB Making DIY Printed Circuit Board Assembly     wholesaler