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Advantages of Multiflex Chain compared to other chains

Feature Multiflex Chain Standard Conveyor Chain Plastic Conveyor Chain
Flexibility Highly flexible, can bend in multiple directions Limited to mostly straight or slightly curved paths Limited flexibility, mainly straight paths
Modularity Modular design allows for easy length adjustments and configurations Often fixed in design and length Modular but may lack robustness in heavy-duty applications
Material Durability Made from high-strength materials like reinforced plastics or stainless steel Typically made from steel or heavy metals which may corrode Made from plastics which may wear out quicker under heavy use
Resistance to Harsh Conditions High resistance to wear, corrosion, and environmental impacts Can corrode or wear under harsh conditions Susceptible to damage from chemicals and high temperatures
Maintenance Easy to maintain and replace due to modular design Maintenance can be complex and costly Easier maintenance than metal chains, but less durable
Applications Suitable for complex, multi-directional layouts in various industries Best for straightforward, heavy-load applications Good for light applications and when corrosion resistance is needed
Hygienic Design Often designed to be easy to clean, suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries Not typically designed with hygiene as a priority Can be designed for hygiene but may lack the mechanical robustness


What is a multiflex chain?

A Multiflex Chain is a unique chain design that is usually highly flexible and adaptable. Such chains may be made of unique materials and construction that allow them to easily bend, twist, and stretch in complex environments to suit a variety of applications. Multiflexi chains are widely used in industrial automation, logistics transportation, robotics, and other fields. Due to their high degree of flexibility and adaptability, multiflexible chains can easily cope with various complex movement and operation requirements, thereby improving production efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, and extending the service life of equipment.


Multiflex Chain application industries


Logistics transportation

In the field of logistics and warehousing, multi-flexible chains are used to build various transportation systems, such as conveyor belts, sorting systems and handling robots.



In robotics, multi-flexible chains are often used in the joints and arm parts of robots to achieve flexible movement and precise control.


Medical equipment

In the field of medical equipment, multi-flex chains are used in various equipment that require precise control and movement, such as surgical robots, rehabilitation equipment and diagnostic equipment.



 In the aerospace field, multi-flex links may be used in some special mechanical structures, such as retractable antenna systems and flexible solar panels.


Food and Beverage Industry

n food processing and packaging lines, multi-flexible chains are widely used due to their hygienic and easy-to-clean characteristics.


Automobile manufacturing

 In automobile assembly lines, multi-flexible chains can efficiently link different production sites and adapt to complex production layouts.


Features of Multiflex Chain


High flexibility

 The design of the multi-flex chain gives it excellent bending and torsion capabilities, allowing it to adapt to complex motion trajectories and layouts. This flexibility makes polyflex chains excellent in applications that require frequent changes in direction or shape.


Strength and Durability

Despite its high degree of flexibility, polyflex chains maintain sufficient strength and durability. It is usually made of high-strength materials that can withstand large pulling forces and impact forces, ensuring stable performance over long-term use.



Polyflex chains are typically made from lightweight materials, which makes it particularly useful in applications where overall weight needs to be reduced. For example, in aerospace or robotics, lightweight multi-flex chains can help reduce the overall mass of equipment and improve performance.

Maintenance and care of Multiflex Chain

Periodic inspection:
Regularly check the tightness of the chain to ensure that the chain tension is moderate to avoid wear and tear caused by being too tight or too loose.
damage and breakage.
Check the lubrication of the chain to ensure that the chain can slide smoothly during movement and reduce friction and wear.
Check for any damaged, worn or deformed parts of the chain and replace or repair them promptly.

Clean the chain regularly to remove dirt, oil, and impurities from the chain to keep it clean and dry.
Use appropriate cleaners and avoid using highly corrosive chemical cleaners that may damage the surface of the chain.

Use a lubricant suitable for the chain, such as chain oil or grease, to ensure that the chain is fully lubricated as it moves.
When lubricating a chain, ensure that the lubricant is evenly applied to each link of the chain to avoid excess or deficiency.

If the chain tension is found to be inappropriate, the chain tension should be adjusted in time to ensure that the chain maintains appropriate tension during movement.
When adjusting the chain, you should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional advice to ensure correct adjustment.

If the chain is severely worn, broken or deformed, it should be replaced with a new one in time to avoid equipment failure or accidents.
When replacing a chain, a chain of the same model and specification as the original chain should be selected to ensure compatibility and stability with the equipment.

Avoid overloading:
When using Multiflex Chain, avoid overloading or exceeding its design limits to avoid causing damage to the chain or shortening its service life.

If the chain needs to be stored for a long time, it should be placed in a dry, ventilated and dark place, away from moisture, heat or direct sunlight.
During storage, the condition of the chain should be checked regularly and relubricated and maintained when necessary.


Materials commonly used in manufacturing Multiflex Chain

plastic material:
Nylon: Nylon has good mechanical strength, wear resistance and chemical stability, and is often used to manufacture multi-flexible chains that require a certain degree of strength and wear resistance.
Polyurethane (PU): PU material has excellent wear resistance, elasticity and impact resistance, and is suitable for applications requiring high elasticity and wear resistance.
Polyoxymethylene (POM): POM has high strength, high rigidity and good wear resistance, and is suitable for manufacturing multi-flexible chains that need to withstand large loads and high-speed movements.

metallic material:
Stainless steel: Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, and is suitable for manufacturing multi-flexible chains that work in harsh environments.
Carbon Steel: Carbon steel has high strength and hardness, but poor corrosion resistance and may require surface treatment to enhance its corrosion resistance.
Other alloy materials: According to specific needs, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and other alloy materials can be used to manufacture multi-flexible chains.



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